Silverstone revs up for a dramatic BTCC finale



Silverstone revs up for a dramatic BTCC finale

The British Touring Car Championship reaches a climax on Sunday with the bookies favourites, Jason Plato, Matt Neal, and Gordon Shedden all going head to head.

After a memorable season of 27 thrilling races, for the first time in history five drivers are candidates for winning the coveted title. Brands Hatch winner Neal (Honda) is ahead with a five point lead, followed by his teammate Shedden (Honda Racing Team) and rival Plato (Silverline Chevrolet) in second and third place, closely followed by outsiders, Mat Jackson and James Nash. .

With 52 points to play for, anything is possible. Expect more crashes and over taking than ever before with electric atmosphere around the track. It has been rumoured by Neal that the Silverstone track might not be good for Plato’s cornering charisma as it is built for speed with many long straights. However according to Shedden “Matt is only winding Plato up, it will not affect his performance whatsoever.” .

The battling duo, Neal & Plato, have had several run-ins this season, leaving Silverstone’s trio of races to be an explosive fight to the finish line. Their bitter rivalry caused controversy when astonishing scenes of threatening behaviour unfolded at Rockingham a few weeks ago; they have since vowed that this weekend’s race will be a fair fight. .

With tensions running high throughout, defending champion Jason Plato confidently said “I’m not here to make friends, I’m here to win.” .

The Honda team collectively look to strive for success, driver Gordon Shedden admits it would be the highlight of his career if he could win his first ever British Touring Car Championship. Will this be a celebratory birthday weekend for Plato? Or will the Honda team blow out his candles? .

Today's Silverstone race preview has been prepared by a group of students from the University of Northampton. The group were the winners of our inaugural Media Challenge competition. Congratulations to the winning team Amanda Smith, Shamima Shamsuddin, Rebecca Swan, Tom Campbell and well done to all who took part today.