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*Guest passes: Guest passes may be purchased up to a maximum of FOUR passes in any mix of ‘Adult’ and/or ‘Child’. Children, will only be required to wear a ‘Child’ guest pass if they have reached their 5th birthday at the start of the membership year. Once their 16th birthday has been reached, a ‘Child’ guest pass can still be used until the end of that membership year.

**Season pass: The SRC Season Pass allows Circuit admission to ONE person only. The SRC Season Pass admission does not include Saturday and Sunday of both F1® British Grand Prix and MotoGP™ , Ford Fair, Trax, Concerts and any Social/Exhibition Event. The Season Pass may not cover additional items added to the Silverstone calendar of events.

tour of the circuit

Soak up the history and explore the inner workings of Silverstone. For most it'll be your one and only chance to stand on the podium!