We have a dedicated team here at Silverstone who are responsible for protecting our brand. We aim to prevent the production and circulation of counterfeit goods to preserve our brand for dedicated sponsors and licensees.

Our job

We are devoted to stopping the misuse of our trademark globally on counterfeit goods. With the help of our legal team and agencies, we ensure that all counterfeit goods do not enter the market place.

Silverstone trademarks

A trademark is a symbol, word, or words legally registered or established by use as representing a company or product. Our principal trademarks include Silverstone, the Speedmark and the circuit configurations.

our trademarks

Counterfeiting – What is it?

Counterfeiting is whereby a deliberate attempt to reproduce or duplicate an item using a recognised trade mark occurs. Counterfeit items are infrequently tested for safety or quality so therefore many items can be dangerous. The production and selling of counterfeit goods is against the law.

How to spot counterfeits

Counterfeits usually display poor quality, have badly reproduced logos displaying faded colours and inaccurate spellings. The price will usually be significantly lower than what you are expecting to pay. Counterfeits are usually sold at locations where it is harder to trace the original seller such as online, at market stalls and at car boot sales.

Want to help?

We need our loyal customers to help combat the illegal use of our brand and trademarks. If you have any suspicions or information relating to the misuse of our trademark then we need you to contact us. All information will be treated with confidence.