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Luffield Complex Terrace

The cars enter the Luffield Complex, it's then hard on the power as the drivers accelerate out of Luffield and through Woodcote. The cars are in view for a prolonged period of time, allowing you to soak up all the breathtaking noise and atmosphere.

Luffield Terrace

Similar to Luffield Complex Terrace, you can see the cars enter the complex through Woodcote and up the National Pit Straight.

Copse Terrace

A fast entry requires full commitment from the drivers and plenty of noise for the spectators! Copse provides a great view of one of the fastest corners in F1™. From Copse A you will see the cars speeding down the National Straight into this fast paced corner.

Please Note

Our accessible terraces are concrete areas in front of the General Admission stands. The family bay is a limited area on a first come, first serve basis.

These terraces are solely for the use of disabled persons and in particular wheelchair users, with one PA. In some of these areas there is a seat provided for the accompanying person so please check when booking. On the terrace areas PAs are asked to please bring their own folding chair. There will be stewards present to assist wheelchair users to access and egress in the case of an emergency exit.

Enthusiasts suffering from a temporary disability (e.g. broken leg) that may affect access to the circuit or seating areas should contact us prior to the event to see if alternative seating can be arranged however this is subject to availability and cannot be guaranteed.

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