2014 British Grand Prix (MotoGP™)

General admission - key areas

International Pits Straight - The GA area is to the left hand side of the grandstand and stretches in front of Abbey grandstand. Get here early to secure one of the best GA views.

Hangar Straight - See the bikes at top speed as they slipstream each other on the approach to Stowe

Stowe - The fast right-hander at Stowe is a spectacular place to watch. The speed that the riders carry through here is truly breathtaking.

Luffield - The bikes will be at maximum lean here as they try to get the best possible run on to the next straight. Power fights Traction Control as they exit sideways out of this key corner. The area near Bridge has also been opened up so that you can get even closer to the track action at Brooklands Corner.

Becketts - The very high speed direction changes will take huge determination from the riders as they thunder through this classic section . Becketts offers views of the riders approaching the fast Maggots-Becketts complex and out towards Chapel.

Vale - Vale is a fast, downhill straight that follows on from the high speed Stowe Corner and into the last corner, Club.

Copse Corner - A fast entry and plenty of run off on the exit, Copse offers a great view of a very challenging corner for the riders.

Ticket Details

A 3 Day General Admission tickets permit you to roving grandstand access on the Friday and Saturday of this event, however does not permit grandstand access on the Sunday of this event.

Please note all roving grandstands are subject to change and will be available on a first come, first served basis. They do not include Premium Grandstand areas.

The General Admission areas allow you the freedom to change location throughout the race weekend. Increased General Admission capacity and new raised areas mean that there will be more space and improved views for spectators. General Admission areas include, Hangar Straight, Becketts, Vale, Stowe and Luffield corners as well as the new double-left at Village.

The perimeter fencing has also been moved so that you can get closer to the action.