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Button 'team' impresses Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton says he is impressed with the technical team Jenson Button has around him at McLaren

Lewis Hamilton says he is impressed with the technical team that McLaren partner Jenson Button has managed to build around him, despite the fact it played a key role in his fellow Briton beating him in the championship standings this year.

Button became the first McLaren driver to finish ahead of Hamilton in the standings after a strong 2011 campaign, where he silenced those who questioned the wisdom of moving to the team to take on Hamilton back at the start of 2010.

Although Hamilton made his fair share of mistakes in 2011, Button produced a series of highly impressive performances to beat his fellow Briton by 43 points in the standings and Hamilton admitted that the team around Button had played its part.

"Jenson is very quick and he's gathered a strong team of technicians around him," he told Gazzetta dello Sport. "I'd like to be ahead of him all the time, and I'm not happy if the opposite happens.

"However, psychologically it's absolutely not a problem. Besides, he's an open and cheerful guy who I get along with. It would be nice to fight for the 2012 championship with him - that's just up to McLaren.

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