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Laverty: It’s bordering on the definition of insanity…

“I’m happy to attack the same obstacle a couple hundred times before moving on to another. It is bordering on insanity but hey, we’re all not so far away from there” – Eugene Laverty.

New factory Aprilia World Superbike rider Eugene Laverty has been keeping in shape with some off-road riding during the Christmas/New Year holidays.

"Trials riding is my favourite off-road pastime because of how much your body position affects the handling," Laverty wrote in his latest blog entry.

"I'm a guy who thrives on repetition (my job is to go round in circles continuously) so I'm happy to attack the same obstacle a couple hundred times before moving on to another. It is bordering on the definition of insanity but hey, we're all not so far away from there.

"I also took in a cross-country MX race the other day but that didn't work out so well. I'd competed in the event twice before, once on an MX bike and the other time on an enduro bike. Both times I'd enjoyed myself even though the ground had been frozen solid with frost.

"This time around I was riding a motocross bike and the temperature was slightly above zero which caused big issues for my machine. Mud just gathered on the tyres and on some parts of the course it felt like I was riding on slick tyres!

"It was pretty dangerous so I had to tiptoe my way around. I snuck out on my friend Barney's enduro bike for two laps which was tons more fun and had the potential to lap a minute faster over a two mile course. Nevertheless the craic was good in the pit area which is half the battle."

The former factory Yamaha WSBK rider, who will ride alongside 2010 champion Max Biaggi this season, then gave some further details about his 2012 team and upcoming test schedule with the RSV4.

"I enjoyed another successful test aboard the Aprilia at the end of November and it was great to have all my crew around me for the first time," he wrote. "I've brought Marcus Eschenbacher and Phil Marron along with me to Aprilia and already the Noale guys have made us feel a part of the team.

"My next outing will be in Phillip Island where we have five days of testing planned before the race weekend even begins so I'm looking forward to working on the perfect lap of the circuit. Like I said, repetition is my thing!

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