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General Testing Terms & Conditions

Licenses and Regulations

All participants must sign on at Race Administration between 07:45 & 11:00 (subject to timetable changes – please view the Testing website prior to setting out on your journey for the latest information). Participants arriving late for signing on, please contact the Safety Team in Race Control.

All participants in testing must be at least 16 years of age. (Where a championship allows under 16’s to compete, call SCL for more details.)

All participants must produce a current MSA/FIA Competition Race Licence when car testing or a current MSA/FIA Competition Kart Licence when Kart testing, when signing on. A parent or legal guardian must counter-sign the registration form of participants under the age of 18 years.

SCL has the right to refuse competitors who do not produce a valid licence when asked.

A driver signing on with a National ‘B’ Competition Licence who is required by the MSA to display a novice cross when Racing, must also display a novice cross on the rear of their car when Testing.

Each participant will be issued with a wrist band which must be worn during testing. Please stop at the end of the pit lane and show the wrist band to the marshal.

All participants must wear helmets and safety clothing, which comply with governing body technical/safety regulations, and all vehicles must comply with governing body technical/safety regulations. Road cars are not permitted on the circuit.

Passengers cannot be carried in vehicles on circuit during testing. Participants will be held responsible for the good conduct of his/her team personnel whilst at the venue.

Noise Limits

Noise limits will be applied in accordance with our circuit regulations as follows:
· National Circuit – 105dB on a static test and 102dB on a drive-by test.
· Grand Prix Circuit – will be in compliance with MSA championship regulations relevant to the vehicle being tested, maximum limit 108dB static test and 105dB on a drive by test, if in doubt please call.

Please see Section (J) Common Regulations for Competitors : Vehicles - Appendix 1 Chart 5.18: Maximum Noise Limits Drive by limits will be 3dB less than those levels stipulated in the ‘Blue Book’.

Offending vehicles will not be allowed to continue testing.

Should your vehicle fail the static or the drive by noise test and you are excluded from further participation, you will not receive a refund.

If you believe that your vehicle may exceed the above limits then please request a noise test prior to going out on circuit.

For the avoidance of doubt measurements are taken at 0.5m at a 45 degree angle with engine running at ¾ maximum revs. There are 3 noise meters located around the circuit which will measure your drive-by noise limit.

No racing engines may be run before 0830hrs or after 20:00hrs.

Venue, Paddock Access and Departure Times

Access to the Venue and Paddock will be allowed from 07:30hrs on the testing date. If you arrive prior to this time, please park in the car park indicated on the left hand side on the entrance to the circuit. Garages and Paddock clear by 19:00hrs.

Paddock Information

Please be aware of other teams, participants, contractors, pedestrians and SCL staff in the paddock, garages and pit lane. You are responsible for your own safety and that of other users of these areas who may be effected by your operation.

It is your responsibility to risk assess your operation and take the appropriate action to remove or minimise any hazards.

If you are reversing HGVs or other vehicles with restricted viewing then please have a banksman to help you reverse, and ensure that they are wearing hi-vis clothing.

Please do not leave any cables or hoses across walkways. Use the cable ducts provided, or cable matting.

Please make yourself familiar with the garage, paddock and pit rules.

If you have any issues of concern or see any hazards please report them to race control.

Due to the hazardous environment i.e. ‘live paddock’ children under the age of 16 are not allowed on site unless accompanied by an adult. This adult must supervise the child at ALL times. There is no exception.

Garage Allocation (if requested)

Upon arrival in the paddock, please ensure only the allocated garage is occupied. If you choose not to hire a garage, please ensure all team vehicles park on the opposite side of the paddock, keeping garage bays clear for those who have booked.

No vehicle can be left overnight within the garage without prior written agreement of SCL and with the appropriate risk assessment in place. For the avoidance of doubt any vehicles left with agreement shall be at the owners and not SCL’s risk.

Pit Lane

· Re-fuelling and the storage of petrol (or other fuels) is not permitted in the pit lane.
· No naked flames (smoking, welding etc) in the pit lane.
· The pit lane is strictly one way. Vehicle access to pit lane via the gate between the garage blocks.
· Service vehicles are not allowed in the pit lane. Reckless or dangerous driving will result in exclusion from further testing.
· Unless participating, no persons under the age of 16 are allowed in the pitlane or on the pit wall.

On Track

If the circuit is closed to recover a stranded vehicle, red lights and red flags will be shown around the circuit. Participants must complete the lap slowly and return to the pits, but be prepared to stop during their slowing down lap. Ignoring the red lights or overtaking under red lights will result in instant exclusion from further testing and no refund of monies paid will be payable.

The chequered flag will be displayed at the start/finish line to signal the end of a session. Participants must return to the pits.

Flag signals will be shown at some but not all flag points around the circuit throughout the day.

In the event of mechanical failure, the particpant must attempt to leave their vehicle in a safe place. The participant should then wait behind the barrier for recovery. Team personnel must obtain permission from Race Control before accessing the circuit.

Following an accident and collision with a permanent barrier, the participant’s wristband will be removed until the participant has received the approval of the medical crew to continue testing.

In the event of an incident on track, involving 2 or more vehicles, where driving standards are believe to be the cause, those drivers will have their wristbands confiscated until the Safety Team, and if required the chief instructor have reviewed the incident using marshals accounts and CCTV footage.

If it is deemed that the incident was caused by poor driving standards, Silverstone Circuits Ltd, reserve the right to stop that driver from testing further. No monies will be refunded in this case. Those parties not at fault will be issued with a new wristband and allowed to continue.

In consideration of being granted permission to use Silverstone Circuit upon payment of the fee I AGREE DECLARE AND UNDERTAKE: that in the event of accident, loss or damage occurring, I will not pursue any claim for damages against any other participant (save in respect of injury or death).

Payment Terms, Cancellations and Refunds

Payment is taken by credit card at the time of booking. In the event of a cancellation, a refund will only be given if more than 7 days’ written notice is received (e.g., if your test day is the 20th, notification must be received no later than 17.30hrs on the 12th).

In the event of a cancellation less than 7 days before the test, NO refund or transfer will be issued.

Please email for any cancellations.

Should your car breakdown on the day before or during the event day, unfortunately, no refund or transfer will be issued.

Force majeure and the weather

All Testing is offered subject to availability of dates, facilities and, of course, the weather or other events beyond our control and accordingly Silverstone cannot guarantee that a particular date or session will not be cancelled due to extreme adverse weather conditions or other events such as any governmental restrictions, riot, commotion, acts of God, industrial action, breakdown of plant or any failure of gas, water services, electricity etc. If Silverstone is unable to run your Test date due to extreme adverse weather conditions or other events beyond Silverstone’s control you will be able to re-book your Test date for a later date. Please call 0844 3728 235 for up to date weather conditions at Silverstone. You must contact us on 0844 3728 235 within 7 days of your cancelled date in order to rebook your Test date. The Test date must be booked and taken within 3 months of the original cancelled date and subject to the dates available being notified to you which may be limited..


The circuit reserves the right to: session any day or move any machine from one session to another or cancel any test day, (we will endeavour to give as much notice as is possible, but this cannot be guaranteed).

· Fuel Station opening times are: 08:30 - 17:00. Race Days 8.00 – 17-00. The Fuel Station supplies Gulf Super unleaded (97octane), Gulf Super 102 (102 octane).
· Gulf diesel Paddock Diner opening hours are 08:00 – 16:00
· 08:00 – 12:00 Breakfast
· 12:00 – 14:30 Hot Lunch

The term “participant” within this document refers to the driver testing a Car or Kart .

Animals, other than Registered Guide Dogs, may not be brought onto the premises.