Andrew Bentley

Andrew has won a number of scholarships for his driving skills and has been a racing instructor for 10 years.

Years instructing experience:


Years racing experience:


Race Wins:




Favourite Experience Car:

Ferrari F430

Favourite Corner:


My favourite Experience at Silverstone would definitely be the Aston Martin. This great British sports car has some serious power and is a dream to drive. Andrew Bentley Silverstone Instructor

Driving History

  • Started at Silverstone at the Silverstone Motorsport Academy
  • Won a BRDC scholarship competition for fully funded year in Formula Ford
  • Raced single seaters for three years
  • Raced Sebring, Florida in the famous 12 hour race
  • Competed in Sports Prototypes as a works race and development driver for UK
  • Awarded another scholarship for a full year in the Renault Clio cup
  • Currently competing in various GT championships

Hints and tips

The best piece of advice I can give is to listen to all the safety briefings and really try to do everything your instructor says. It’s too easy to think that driving on track is just like driving on the road but a bit faster, it’s not, it’s quite different. Once you start to use the great advice from your instructors, it actually becomes easy to go fast out on the track!

Try to look as far ahead and around the corners as possible. This will be the biggest single change you can make to your driving, allowing you to go faster, be smoother and be safe.

Braking is where a pro driver really excels. Be prepared to brake harder than you think! When driving a car on the road, you will never have to brake as hard as you do when you’re on track. So be ready to brake harder than you would normally feel comfortable doing. If you’re instructor is asking you to brake harder, just do it and you’ll soon find that you’ll be able to take the corners like a pro!