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Track Resurfacing 2018

2018 marks our 70th anniversary, and as a birthday present we have treated ourselves to a makeover! We are resurfacing our whole track from the start line to the finish. The track was last fully resurfaced in 1996, and from years of use by different race series from Formula 1 to MotoGP, it had a few bumps, uneven surfaces, and different age asphalt sections, so the new asphalt will help to improve the racing by providing a much smoother surface to compete on. We expect that the new surface will allow all race series to be attacking the track, exploiting their cars and bikes to their full potential and break lap records throughout the season!

We started by drilling up all of the old asphalt, and then we began laying the high performance asphalt from Aggregate Industries which will not only help with the grip on the track, but also water drainage and speed – making those fast corners even faster!


There are various different stages to relaying the track, and in total this is only taking 4 weeks. The first stage that Aggregate Industries tackled was the removing of the old asphalt, by drilling down to below the pad coat. Some areas had 60mm removed and some had 40mm, depending on the racing line and other factors such as the incline of the track. Once this had all been removed, they began laying what is essentially an underlay to the asphalt. The asphalt then gets put on top of this underlay, before a top coat is applied.

We started the major works on the National Circuit, and saw the National Pits Straight get drilled up. Last week we saw asphalt laid from Woodcote through to Copse, before we moved round to work on the International Circuit this week.

“The best circuit in the world is shortly to get even better” commented Managing Director, Stuart Pringle. “I’m hugely excited about the enhanced and, importantly for motorcycles, consistent grip that the new Aggregate Industries asphalt will provide.  We’ve updated sections of the track over the years but a full resurface has not been undertaken for decades.  I am quite sure we’ll see lap records tumble this year not to mention witness even closer, dramatic racing.”

_DSC6641Stuart noted “It’s hugely impressive to see the accuracy that the Aggregate Industries team is working to.  We are addressing some known bumps and dips as well as improving drainage.  The result should be very close to the perfect surface for a racing circuit.”

Not only will we see an improvement for the professional racers, but our Drive experience and track day customers will benefit from the improvements too.

If you haven’t already driven on our world-famous track, come along and be one of the first to experience the new surface! Book here to come and see the Formula 1 cars take on the new surface, or watch the MotoGP riders battle the corners. Or why not test your own skills on our new track and book one of our driving experiences here.



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