Feel the thrill of Silverstone’s legendary track as you push your driving skills to the limit in the world’s most exciting cars

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Paul Swift Ultimate Stunt Driving Experience
from £249

16 Aug

Push yourself to the limit with our new stunt car experience!

The Silverstone Challenge
from £798

01 Oct

The Silverstone Challenge is the ultimate driving day

Lotus Evora Experience
from £99

23 Aug

Experience lightweight Lotus control and power around Silverstone’s high-speed curves.

Toyota GT86 Experiences
from £149

A classic sports coupé on a world-class circuit

Lotus Exige Experiences
from £99

30 Jul

Fast, light and supercharged for pure racing joy

Nissan GT-R

08 Aug

Brutal power and fearsome speed, tweaked by technology, then put to the test as you power through Silverstone’s corners.

Ferrari Experiences
from £99

30 Jul

The V8 F430 Modena – the car of all cars. Yours to drive to its limits on a thrilling F1 track.

Head to Head
from £159

03 Aug

Ferrari or Aston… can’t decide? So do both and feel the difference on an F1 track.