The Silverstone Wing

The Silverstone Wing is an inspiring place that is guaranteed to impress your guests. Whether you’re giving your product a rocketing launch or tying the knot in a petrol head’s paradise, there’s a full-service suite of venues for every kind of event.

Plan an Event

Our event planners here at Silverstone are exceptional at planning for different budgets, complications and priorities. We’re here to help you choose the right venue and get your event right in every detail.

Other Venues

All our venues have the Silverstone excitement and glitz: dedicated staff, gourmet food and top-class facilities. Stowe Complex is the motor racing event hub. The British Racing Drivers’ Club an amazing heritage and a great balcony and garden. The Brooklands Suite and the Jimmy Brown Centre have iconic views of the famous track of Britain’s only F1 circuit. Which venue is right for you?

Track Hire

Putting a product through its paces? Testing your driving skills, and your colleagues? The Silverstone track is the place.


The legendary Silverstone circuit has been putting the world’s best - on two wheels and four - through their paces for more than 50 years. We have the most advanced testing technology, superb facilities and thousands of years of engineering and motoring experience to draw on.

Silverstone International

Silverstone International delivers professional event management logistics and driving dynamics on a global basis.

Our Circuit

Whether you are joining us on the full Grand Prix circuit for the Formula 1 or the Silverstone Challenge, or hitting Stowe circuit for an spin in our Single Seaters, we have a track for you.