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1 to 1 Driver Coaching


We are currently out of the office operating on a minimal team. If you have an enquiry, please do contact us on RACE@SILVERSTONE.CO.UK where a member of the team will respond as soon as possible. Your patience is appreciated at this time.

Expert circuit driver tuition

Silverstone Motorsport Academy provides expert circuit driver tuition on a one-to-one group basis, enabling you to develop as a driver and master our track.

These intensive sessions are tailored to meet your specific goals. With access to all four circuits configurations; International, National and Stowe, we’ll help you perfect your driving technique and ability to master almost any circuit.


Courses & Prices

The harmony between driver and car is vitally important for successful racing or getting the maximum enjoyment from a track day. Knowing the characteristics of your vehicle and how to adapt your style to extract the most from it are all skills that Silverstone’s team of driver coaches can teach. If you want to improve your technique in your own car or gain a better understanding of your cars capabilities then Silverstone’s one to one driving coaching is ideal.

Own Car Tuition Options

  • Own Car PTU Half Day: £559 inc VAT
  • Own Car PTU Full Day: £749 inc VAT

Restrictions on the types of car suitable do apply – please speak to a member of the sales team for more advice.

Silverstone Tuition

  • 1 hour tuition session in a BMW M2: £549 per hour inc VAT
  • Full day tuition session in a BMW M2: £3000 inc VAT

Price includes:

  • 1 x tank of fuel
  • Car setup/preparation
  • Grade A ARDs instructor

Half day and full day packages available. Please contact the team on 0344 3728 235 for more information.


Own Car Half Day PTU
10th April – Postponed
13th April – Postponed

Own Car Full Day PTU
10th April – Postponed
13th April – Postponed

Tuition in BMW M2 Per hour
10th April – Postponed
13th April – Postponed

Tuition in BMW M2 Full day
10th April – Postponed
13th April – Postponed 

Your Day

  • Arrival and sign on
  • Safety briefing
  • On-track drive time (divided into approx. 10-15 mins sessions with breaks)
  • Off-track debrief

Accident Damage Waiver

Accident Damage Waiver reduces the potential cost of accident damage from £10,000 to £5,000 and is available to purchase for £50pp inc VAT. This waiver can be purchased on the day of your Experience from the Silverstone Drive team.

Office hours are: Monday to Friday: 8:30am to 5:00pm

Driver Info

  • Minimum age: 17
  • Height: 5ft 2ins- 6ft 6ins
  • Maximum weight: 18 stone
  • Licence required: Yes
  • Period licence held for: Participants must have held a full driving licence for at least a year which must be presented on the day

If participants have not held a licence for over a year or are under 17 (minimum age 16) they must apply to the Motorsport Academy at Silverstone for a young driver’s assessment.

Customer Testimonials

“By far, the best track event I have ever done. My on-track experience is relatively minimal having done a few experience days and corporate events. On all of these previous events I have left feeling a little disappointed with not learning much and having instructors policing my driving, saying slow down/brake brake brake, and not really giving much in the way of tuition. The Silverstone experience was completely different. Although we started slowly the instructor gave very useful tips and guidance, actually saying ‘I want you to go faster’. This did not happen immediately but gradually built up after learning the correct lines, placement of the vehicle and car control. My instructor commented on my final session that I was taking one particular corner at 50mph earlier in the day and I was now taking it at 90! Even at the higher speed, the car felt more balanced I felt more in control.”
– Anonymous
I turned up at the Silverstone Experience Centre at 8:30am and was quickly introduced to Mike Broadhurst – my instructor for the day.  There was just enough time for a cup of tea, a chat about previous track experience and what i wanted to get out of the day before we headed to the track.

Mike initially drove a few laps in my car to show me just what it could do.  After that, I was straight into the driver’s seat.  We started steadily, but having an instructor next to me instilled confidence quickly, enabling me to push a little harder each time we went out, with improving knowledge of how to control my car.  We drove for 30 minutes or so in each hour.  In-between times, there was time for a de-brief, strategy for the next session and a quick rest before heading back on track.  Throughout the day, the instruction was friendly, positive and most of all, effective; while the track was considerably less busy than a typical track day.

The day flew by quickly, but we must have got a lot of driving in as I went to the onsite fuel station to fill up on three occasions. I thoroughly recommend going on an instructional day to move your track driving skills and confidence to the next level. I learnt more than I had in the three previous track days I have attended, drove for longer and feel it has set me up to get more out of future events.”– Anonymous


Skid Control

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High Speed Passenger Rides

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Aston Martin Experience

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