Local Community

We care. We take responsibility. When we work with the local community and wider society, we always consider the impact of what we do on customers, suppliers, employees, and the planet.  

  • To make a positive contribution to the local community, maximising the benefits that the circuit brings whilst minimising any negative effects.
  • To expand on successful education initiatives that Silverstone already has in place.
  • Maximise use of our health initiatives to benefit the local community.
  • Use Silverstone’s brand, heritage and facilities to increase tourism to our region, working with partners from Northamptonshire and Aylesbury Vale.
  • Minimise the effect that the business and its activities has on the environment.

Local Residents

All you need to know if you live close by with regular updates on our noisy dates and event traffic plans

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Each year Silverstone donates approximately £20,000 of event tickets to a wide range of charitable causes across the region to help raise funds through a raffle or charity auction.

Our charity policy focuses our available resources on our most local charities (within a 10 mile radius) or those with a strong motorsport connection.

If you’d like to apply for event tickets to raise funds for your charity and you meet the criteria above, please complete our form.