How to make the Silverstone track part of your event experience

Did you know you can exclusively hire the Silverstone track for your event? 

That’s right, you can use the world-famous British Grand Prix circuit to craft an experience that is truly unique, taking advantage of our most powerful asset, our track. Create unmatched magical business moments at your next event, with exclusive use of the very asphalt where motoring greats have made their mark throughout our rich history and continue to do so until this day.

Previous events hosted by us have featured everything from supercar driving experience showdowns to runs and morning yoga on the hallowed track. Our team is on hand to inject a dose of adrenaline and unique experience into your event to bring something exciting and engaging that guests won’t have been part of before. 


What does exclusive track hire at Silverstone look like? 

From car launches to evening runs, high-speed driving experiences in dream supercars to product showcases with enticing backdrops, our track can be adapted and shaped to fit your needs. You can bring a new level of engagement with your guests by enhancing how you use our space to build an event that’s guaranteed to get people talking.

Not only that, but with our bespoke track hire package you can blend hospitality and on-track entertainment to suit your needs and desires. A favourite among our clients is being able to get behind the wheel of a Drive Silverstone supercar as part of a corporate driving experience. You’ll be able to get your delegates behind the wheel of an exotic V8 around our track, and watch as guests change from event floor to don their race helmets for a series of high-speed laps.

If flat-out in a supercar isn’t what you’ve got in mind, how about taking your guests for a run around the famous circuit? Let them take in the landmarks as they work their way around our track, which can be configured all the way up to the full Grand Prix circuit, coming in at just under 6 km. We can work with you to find a way to utilise our track to suit all your event requirements and business needs, so let your creativity flow and we can work together to make your ideas a reality.

If you’re thinking about showcasing a new product in an impressive backdrop, why not do it along the famous start/finish straight at Silverstone? While the track may have been built for racing, when you take the keys to the circuit, you’ve got the place to yourself to craft something that’s truly yours.

Adding track hire to your event is all about extending what’s on offer to your guests with a unique setting, activities, and atmosphere to complement your main event, no matter its scope or theme.

One of our regular clients, Troy, a leading group of industrial supplies providers, utilises our event spaces to deliver their annual trade show ‘Troy Means Business’. Taking track thrills to their event allows them to deliver an exciting event to delegates each year.

A big draw to the event is the opportunity for attendees to get behind the wheel of a supercar at Silverstone. Don’t just take our word for it, hear what they’ve had to say:

“It’s so much better than the normal venue you use. You’ve got the trackside racing, which our members and suppliers absolutely love”.

While the chance to drive a supercar on our track may be a big attraction for this business, the ways you can utilise the famous asphalt don’t stop there. Get in touch with our team to discuss how you can transform your event with exclusive use of our track. 

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