What makes an event at Silverstone so special?

Silverstone offers a new kind of event experience, providing you with a blank canvas and limitless opportunities to build a special event that’s truly unique to you. Why feel limited hosting a pre-packaged event when you can craft your own by handpicking the best facilities and activities to put on almost any event you can imagine?

Take advantage of our vast outdoor space, 600 acres to be exact, on-site accommodation, a state-of-the-art International Conference and Exhibitions Centre, and of course, our world-class circuit. Let our varied spaces, show-stopping activities, and luxurious amenities bring your event’s story to life. 


Spaces for events of all shapes and sizes 

Set across 600 acres of stunning British countryside, Silverstone hosts some of the UK’s biggest sporting events each year, and thanks to our biggest asset, our motorsport heritage, we have the space to host some of the best unique and themed experiences for your guests.

Our five flexible halls can be adapted to shape the space as your ideas grow, bringing new concepts and creative attractions to the event. Need to get something large into the room, say, a vehicle or big display? With drive-in access to our halls, you can fit just about anything you can imagine. Bring along a car or van, a stage, a huge prop, or raised platform for your party space. We’ve had dance floors, chill-out winter wonderland huts, and sprawling trees set up in our spaces as planners take full advantage of Silverstone’s flexibility and utilities. Think bigger, literally, as you transport and set up with ease various structures and activities to wow your guests when they enter your event floor. We’ll work with you to push the boundaries and put on an unforgettable show. 


Get on track 

The true magic of Silverstone comes from growing your event space to take full advantage of our venue’s unique nature. Hire the track to immerse your guests in a new experience with wellness activities, such as yoga sessions on the start/finish straight in the morning stillness or a sightseeing run over 6km of world-famous asphalt. If you want to get the full Silverstone experience, kick it up a gear and get behind the wheel of a supercar with our bespoke corporate driving experiences.

The track is your sandbox to imagine, build, and host engaging and memorable activities for all your guests that complement your main event. If you’ve got an idea on how you could use the track, we’d love to hear it! 


Built around you 

Want to get creative? How about an on-theme pitstop challenge in the pitman, or a timed battle on simulators to set the fastest virtual lap around our track? With indoor facilities as well, including our garage blocks, you can set your event in an unusual and exciting location. We’ve got the team and the spaces to build everything from an indoor music festival to a full-capacity car show.

We’re here to help you pick and adapt an activity package that keeps your guests engaged and enjoying something they won’t have done before. Easily add a music stage, food stalls, live demonstrations, festival rides, and anything else that creates a more exciting and dynamic experience for your attendees. The very nature of our site lets our blank, but inherently exciting, spaces become your canvas to paint an event that’s special to you and your guests.

Opportunities lie across our venue for creating events at Silverstone that feel special. We love to break the mould and nurture creative ideas for event theming, activities, and location. Get in touch with our team to learn how Silverstone can help you host an event with impact.

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