Anniversary Track Parades

Join us as we celebrate special anniversaries and motorsport milestones in 2024!


Classic cars will once again be on pole position at this summer’s Silverstone Festival!


Celebrating 75 years of Abarth with the Abarth Owners Club

Celebrating 65 years of Marcos with the Marcos Owners Club and Club Marcos International 

Celebrating 60 years of the Alfa Romeo Owners Club 

Celebrating 40 years of the MG Metro 6R4 with Slowly Sideways

Celebrating 25 years of the Honda S2000 and 20th anniversary of S2KUK

Silverstone Racing Club members attending with a display package

Paying tribute to the legacy of Ayrton Senna with the NSX Club and those NSX's attending with the UK 2000 Owners Club - S2KUK 


Celebrating 105 years of Bentley with Bentley Drivers Club

Celebrating 75 years of the Healey Silverstone and 65 years of the Austin Healey 3000 with the Healey Drivers Club

Celebrating 60 years of Mustang with the Mustang Owners Club of Great Britain and Northwest Stangs

Celebrating 30 years of the MX-5 Owners Club

Celebrating 25 years of the Ferrari 360 with the Ferrari Owners Club


Celebrating 110 years of Maserati with Maserati Club UK

Celebrating 70 years of the Mercedes SL class with Mercedes-Benz Club

Celebrating 65 years of Mini with Bomber County and RAF Mini Clubs and Edinburgh & Lothian Mini Owners Club

Celebrating 50 years of the MK1 Golf with the MK1 Golf Owners Club

Celebrating 50 years of the Triumph TR7 with Triumph TR Register and Triumph Sports Six Club

Celebrating 50 years of the Lancia Stratos with the Stratos Enthusiasts Club

Celebrating 40 Years of the MR2 with the MR2 Drivers Club