Car Track Days
Terms and Conditions


By accepting these Terms and Conditions you are acknowledging:



The safety of your vehicle is your responsibility at all times. Silverstone Circuits Ltd (SCL) reserve the right to refuse entry to any vehicle without refund, if any fault or feature is believed could compromise the safety of the vehicle its occupants and or other circuit users.

SCL Track Days are organised to cater for a wide variety of vehicles mostly road going. There will, however, be the opportunity for competition vehicles and historic/classic vehicles to be driven on circuit. Radicals and sports prototypes are not permitted on Silverstone car track days. It is important to note that circuit usage exerts greater pressure for longer periods on vehicles and their components in comparison to normal road use. This obviously highlights the need for particular attention to safety, and we recommend that drivers thoroughly inspect their vehicles prior to use on the circuit.

SCL recommends that you pay particular attention to the following items and any uncertainty or wear should be discussed with a qualified vehicle engineer prior to driving on the circuit.



  • The battery must be secured by a suitable strap or fixing and its cap(s) be tightly fastened.
  • The vehicle wiring should be adequately bound and clear of obstruction — particular attention should be paid to areas where it runs through the bulkhead or over metal edges where the correct grommets or packing should be used.
  • Conditions of wiring in highly flammable areas such as petrol tank, fuel injection and carburettors should be checked in particular.
  • Lights should be taped so that in the event of them breaking, they do not shatter on the circuit.



  • General condition of shock absorbers and springs etc., should be checked for any signs of corrosion or wear with particular attention paid to mounting points and fastenings. These areas will be subject to high cornering stresses at the increased speeds of circuit driving and should be in good condition.
  • Steering fastenings often have split pins fitted. It is important to check these and it is cheap and easy to replace worn or broken pins. They are a necessary safety feature.
  • Gaiters, rubbers and seals retaining grease or oil should be in good condition as leaking units may in extreme cases leave oil on the circuit. Inadequately lubricated or sealed parts will provide inefficient damping and see increased wear through circuit use.



  • Tyres MUST be checked for correct pressure and adjusted, if necessary, for circuit use. Tyres should be checked for cracking around the tyre wall or between the tyre tread. Tyres should have a minimum of 4mm tread depth for use on the circuit and the general condition of the carcass should be checked. For example, if a vehicle is not used often then the tyre performance at high speed is far more questionable and more likely to be affected by ageing. Standing in one particular place for a prolonged period of time can cause a flat spot or weakness in the tyre wall.
  • Wheels should be correctly fitted and secured i.e. studs and nuts checked and adequately torqued and wheel bearings checked for wear. Wheels also should be checked for cracks (especially if alloy) and/or evidence of serious kerbing which can allow tyre to deflate on high speed cornering.
  • Brakes should have a good firm pedal and not pull to one side under heavy braking. Any inadequacies in their performance will be magnified at speed and can be dangerous. We will not have facilities to check these and recommend systems to be checked if the driver is in any doubt. Joints should be checked for any leakage as well as checks to seals and callipers.



The engine should be in good order. It should not leak any oils or fluid, as this will be dangerous to both you and other circuit users. Gaskets and hoses should be in good order and adequately secured and fixed. If you have any doubts as to those conditions whether it be fuel, oil or water, it is wise to change it and keep the original as a spare for road use. Catch tanks should be emptied if fitted.

Carburettors and fuel systems should have strong return springs fitted. Cables and linkages should be checked for lubrication and smooth operation.

It is advisable not to fill the fuel tank to more than 70%. Experience has demonstrated that some vehicles do lose fuel when negotiating corners which result in heavy loading to the vehicle. Equally do not let the level fall to a level where surge may occur or even worse run out.

It is essential that all fluid levels are checked before circuit use.

A vehicle must not enter the circuit with any loose objects inside — leave them in the paddock or pit garage. IF YOU HAVE A FIRE EXTINGUISHER IT MUST BE CORRECTLY SECURED.

It should be noted that an M.O T. certificate should not be taken as evidence of the general mechanical condition of the vehicle; however this should be brought with you to all track days.

If you are unsure of any of the points referenced to in this document we recommend that professional advice is sought prior to the track day.

Your help in checking the vehicle before the track day is expected and appreciated. Always bear in mind it is you driving the vehicle.



Static noise limits will be applied in accordance with SCL circuit regulations and are as follows:

SCL operates three drive by noise meters at strategic points around the circuit. The drive by noise level is 102dB. Each noise meter is fitted with remote cameras to capture offending vehicles.

Offending vehicles will not be allowed to continue unless modification is made to the exhaust system to bring in line with the regulations. Should your vehicle fail the static noise test and you are excluded from further participation, you will not receive a refund or transfer.

If you believe that your vehicle may exceed the above limits then please request a noise test prior to going out on circuit.

For the avoidance of doubt measurements are taken at 0.5m at a 45 degree angle with engine running at ¾ maximum revs.

No racing engines may be run before 08:30 or after 17:30.



Drivers MUST be over the age of 17 and hold a full and valid UK driving licence or be over the age of 14 and hold a current Sax Max, Junior Ginetta, Junior Fiesta or T Car licence. Those Junior drivers MUST have a grade A ARDS licensed instructor with them at ALL times.

The driver shall reimburse SCL the cost to SCL for the repair of damage to the property of SCL including the circuit or any part of the property (which for avoidance of doubt includes the catch fencing, safety barriers and safety vehicles) caused by the driver, servants or agents or any person in their party. All monies due to SCL under this clause shall be paid by the driver within 14 days of the demand from SCL.



  • Please drive slowly in the pit lane and keep to the left until outside your designated garage. Speeds must not exceed 30mph.
  • When joining the circuit enter in a similar to a ―motorway entry – i.e. keep to the right of circuit until clear of the pit lane exit and the solid white line ensuring full awareness for vehicles continuing on the racing line.
  • Once on the circuit build pace gently and progressively.
  • Use your mirrors but only on the straights – overtake and be overtaken on the left only.
  • Brake and change gear in a straight line – do not brake in a corner as this causes instability in the vehicle.
  • Slow the vehicle down sufficiently to a speed that enables you to balance the throttle between the corner entry and the clipping point and then accelerate progressively from the clipping point through to the exit of the corner.
  • Do not feed the steering wheel through your hands; hold the wheel at quarter to three in the straight ahead position and move with the wheel. This enables a direct relationship and understanding with regards to the amount of steering lock applied at any given point in a corner. Do not saw at the wheel.
  • Overtaking:

1. Use your mirrors regularly but only on the straights. Do not spend the whole lap looking in your mirrors.

2. Overtake only on the left hand side.
3. Overtake only on the straights.
4. Do not overtake in the corners or final part of the braking areas.
5. If you are being caught by faster traffic move over to the right and let the vehicle/s pass on the left.
6. Slower drivers MUST never move off line in a corner. Remember no overtaking is to happen in the corners hence moving off line will compromise both yourself and the following vehicles. Wait until the exit and then move over.
7. Slower drivers please do not hinder faster vehicles and put your foot down on the straights and this can lead to frustration and the potential for accidents is increased.

  • Spins – If drivers spin or even worse crash it may be necessary to stop circuit activity. This causes unnecessary loss of track time for all drivers; it is therefore suggested that every precaution be taken to ensure that all drivers drive to the circuit conditions and their own ability at all times and not beyond. Please remember it is not the vehicle or conditions that cause a spin or accident it is purely down to the person driving the vehicle! The only exception to this is mechanical failure!
  • Off track excursions – if you get stuck in the gravel valuable circuit time will be lost from the session. If this happens please get out of your vehicle when safe and stand behind the Armco. PLEASE ENSURE THAT YOUR TOWING EYE IS FITTED.
  • Always pay attention to flag signals. Drivers ignoring flag signals and or lights will not be permitted to continue driving on the circuit.
  • Strictly no timing; this is NOT a test day. Anybody found to be timing, whether passenger, driver or spectator may be excluded from the rest of the day and could have their timing device confiscated.
  • Remove ALL loose items from your vehicle.
  • It is advisable to complete a slowing down lap once passed the chequered flag; no overtaking once passed the chequered flag.
  • Drivers and passengers arms and legs MUST be covered.
  • Windows must be up ¾ unless BTCC style window nets are fitted.
  • Only on board cameras fixed by a mechanical method will be acceptable. Suction mounted cameras are not permitted. Exterior cameras with the exception of roll hoop mounted will not be permitted.
  • Remember – SCL reserves the right to remove drivers from the circuit. This applies to anyone who is not complying with instructions, rules and regulations or a driver who may be a danger to themselves or more importantly other circuit users.
  • Any driver that fails to attend the drivers briefing at the start of the day will not be permitted to take part in the track day.
  • SCL reserves the right to exclude any driver considered as possibly unfit by reasons of health, consumption of alcohol and or prohibited substances including amphetamines of amphetamine type substances. Random breath tests will be carried out periodically to ensure that all drives abide by this rule, or following an accident where it is suspected to be alcohol related.
  • All driver changes must be made in the pit lane or paddock area.
  • If there is any reason to stop on the circuit, park the vehicle as far from the circuit as possible. Get out of the vehicle and move behind the safety barrier immediately. Do not cross the Track. Wait for the safety vehicle. The Venue is covered by CCTV, so the safety officials will be aware of a stationary vehicle.
  • In the event of a collision, the driver MUST report to the SCL Medical Team and report to the SCL Event Manager. Any driver involved in a collision will have their wristband removed by the marshal at the point where they crashed. If the driver wishes to continue and is deemed medically fit to do so by the SCL Medical Team, then the driver must sign on again and will be issued with another wristband. Further incidents will result in exclusion from the track day.
  • In the event of a spin, the driver must return to the pits and report to the SCL Event Manager. It may be deemed necessary to undertake a personal coaching session with an instructor. Further incidents may result in exclusion from the track day.
  • In the event of an incident on the circuit, involving 2 or more vehicles, where driving standards are believe to be the cause, those drivers will have their wristbands confiscated until the Safety Team, and if required the chief instructor have reviewed the incident using marshals accounts and CCTV footage.
  • If it is deemed that the incident was caused by poor driving standards, SCL, reserves the right to stop that driver from further participation. No monies will be refunded in this case. Those parties not at fault will be issued with a new wristband and allowed to continue.
  • It is a condition of the driver’s participation in the track day that in the event of accident, loss or damage occurring during such track day they will not pursue any claim for damages against any other driver (save in respect of injury or death).
  • Mobile telephones must not be used on the circuit by drivers or passengers, even if their vehicle is stationary. Anyone seen to be using one will be excluded from the track day.
  • Helmets and Seat belts or Harnesses must be worn and fastened securely at all times when on the circuit. It is the responsibility of the drivers to brief their passengers with regards to correct fitment of helmet and safety harness and belts.



  • Re-fuelling and the storage of petrol (or other fuels) is not permitted in the pit lane.
  • No naked flames (smoking, welding etc.) in the pit lane.
  • The pit lane is strictly one way.
  • Vehicle access to pit lane if not through the garages will be via the gate between the garage block.
  • Service vehicles are not allowed in the pit lane.
  • Reckless or dangerous driving will result in exclusion from further driving.
  • Unless participating, no persons under the age of 16 are allowed in the pit lane or on the pit wall



  • Please be aware of other teams, drivers, contractors, pedestrians and SCL staff in the paddock, garages and pit lane. Drivers are responsible for their own safety and that of other users of these areas who may be effected by their operation.
  • It is the driver’s responsibility to risk assess their operation and take the appropriate action to remove or minimise any hazards.
  • When reversing HGVs or other vehicles with restricted viewing a banksman wearing hi-vis clothing must be present to assist when reversing.
  • Please do not leave any cables or hoses across walkways. Use the cable ducts provided, or cable matting.
  • Please be familiar with the garage, paddock and pit rules.
  • Any issues of concern or hazards should be reported to the SCL Event Manager.
  • Due to the hazardous environment i.e. ‘live paddock’ children under the age of 16 are not allowed on site unless accompanied by an adult. This adult must supervise the child at ALL times. There is no exception.



Access to the Venue and Paddock will be allowed from 07:00 on the date of the track day. Arrivals prior to this time, should park where indicated on arrival at the Venue. Garages and Paddock must clear by 18:00; there may be certain occasions where there is an evening track hire which requires the garages to be vacated by 17:15. Drivers will be advised of this prior to the track day and this will be confirmed in the driver safety briefing.



Drivers may book a garage as an optional add on at the time of booking. If a driver has not hired a garage they must park on the opposite side of the paddock, keeping garage bays clear for those who have booked. Reserved Garages will be marked by a sign on the door of the garage.

No vehicle can be left overnight within the garage without prior written agreement of SCL. For the avoidance of doubt any vehicles left with agreement shall be at the owners and not SCL’s risk.



It should be noted that standard insurance will not cover track day driving. Drivers should make their own arrangements for accident cover.



Drivers agree to use images and footage responsibly. Any images taken at the track day should be strictly for personal use only and not used for any commercial purposes, including on board cameras. If such images include imagery of an accident such images/footage shall be made available to SCL and drivers agree not to post such images/footage on social media sites, including, but not limited to, You Tube and Facebook.

Drivers using cameras must complete a form obtained at signing on and have the equipment checked by a member of the Safety Team.  Only bolt on mounting systems designed specifically for the purpose and not suction or other temporary mountings must be used.  Under no circumstances must Helmet Cams be used.  Drones are also expressly forbidden.

Please complete our onboard camera request form by clicking here.

CCTV and film cameras may be present at the Venue, this includes filming by the police or security team carried out for the security of visitors, and filming and/or photography authorised by Event Organisers or SCL. By attending the Venue you give your express consent to all such filming and to your actual or simulated likeness being included within any film, photograph, audio and/or audio visual recording (“Footage”), all rights in which will be owned by SCL and/or the Event Organiser (or by any party authorised by SCL or the Event Organiser from time to time). You also agree that any such Footage may be used by SCL and/or the Event Organiser (and by any third party authorised by SCL and/or the Event Organiser from time to time) in any and all media for any purpose at any time throughout the world, including (with the exception of CCTV or security Footage) for commercial purposes, such as merchandising or DVDs, without payment or compensation to you. If you wish to withdraw such consent please contact the SCL Data Protection Officer ([email protected] SCL’s privacy policy is available here:



  • Payment is taken by credit card at the time of booking.
  • A Place on any track day is only guaranteed when paid for in full.
  • A hire car reservation is only guaranteed when paid for in full, the price quoted for a hire car is inclusive of 1 tank of fuel and insurance subject to an excess.
  • All hire cars should be used for a maximum of 40 mins per hour when shared with another driver. Anyone booking a car for sole use will need to take an hour break every hour.
  • In the event of cancellation, no refund will be given however a transfer to another day will be allowed provided that at least 14 days’ written notice is received.
  • SCL reserves the right to levy an administration fee for any changes to a booking.
  • All transfers MUST be taken within 3 months of booking.
  • In the event of a cancellation less than 14 days before the track day, NO refund or transfer will be given.
  • SCL reserves the right to cancel the day at any point without having to disclose the reason.
  • SCL reserves the right to alter the pricing of track days without prior notice.
  • Should SCL have to cancel during the track day, if less than 50% of the track day has taken place a transfer to an alternative track day may be offered.
  • If the track day is more than 50% complete no refund or transfer will be given.
  • A confirmation e-mail will be sent for each booking made – to confirm the booking has been accepted. Please read this carefully and notify SCL immediately of any omissions and errors.
  • Should a vehicle breakdown on the day before or during the track day, unfortunately, no refund or transfer will be issued.





  1. That you are familiar with the nature of the track day, and acknowledge the risks involved.
  2. That you must produce a current full UK driving licence or equivalent, or a valid T Car, Sax Max, Junior Fiesta or Junior Ginetta license. (Those driving with any of the Junior licences must be accompanied by a fully licensed Grade A ARDS instructor). A parent or legal guardian must counter-sign the registration form of participants under the age of 18 years.
  3. That you are in good health and that your eyesight is up to the standard required for a road driving/riding test and that you are not suffering from any other medical condition or disability which is likely to adversely affect your normal control of a vehicle or which might make it unsafe for you to drive or participate in this track day or any other motor sport activity.
  4. That SCL reserves the right to remove you from the Venue if it considers your actions to be dangerous or detrimental to other Venue users.
  5. In consideration of you being permitted to undertake in the track day arranged by Silverstone Circuits Limited, you agree to save harmless and keep indemnified, SCL and its respective officials, servants, representatives and agents, and any other person or organisation using SCL facilities in respect of all claims, costs, expenses and demands in respect of death of, or injury to, or loss of or damage to me or my property arising in pursuance of your undertaking in the track day.
  6. You understand that any picture (moving or still), that you, or any person attending as your guest, may take are for your personal use only. You should not use any of these images for commercial purposes or broadcasting. You agree to use images and footage responsibly. Any images taken at the event should be strictly for personal use only and not used for any commercial purposes, including on board cameras. If such images include imagery of an accident you must make such images/footage available to SCL and agree not to post such images/footage on social media sites including but not limited to YouTube and Facebook.
  7. You accept that you will be solely responsible for any decision to drive any vehicle or discontinue to drive any vehicle or use any equipment at any time whilst it is in your possession or under your control. You acknowledge that if you should be dissatisfied prior to or whilst driving a vehicle or using the equipment as to the satisfactory condition of the vehicle or the equipment you are required to discontinue driving the vehicle or using the said equipment forthwith.
  8. As the person booking this event you should accept responsibility for ensuring that you and anybody who accompanies you are familiar with all rules and guidelines and adhere to them at all times.
  9. Drivers and passengers must attend the driver briefing before going out on the circuit and sign the indemnity. Passengers must be over the age of 16 and sign an indemnity which will name the driver of the vehicle they are a passenger in. Any passenger over 16 years but under 18 years will have to have their indemnity countersigned by their parent or guardian. All passengers must wear a helmet and sit in the front seat of the vehicle only. This means that if you are having an instructor session you may not have a passenger.



  1. Drivers and passengers should all wear crash helmets (which may be hired on the day) that comply with current Motorsport UK/FIA/ACU/FIM standards.
  2. You understand that standard road insurance does not cover you for driving on a track and that you should make your own arrangements for accident cover.



Drivers are not permitted to run their own retail driving experiences for commercial during an SCL track day. This includes but is not limited to selling time slots within the day for multiple external customers. An example of this would be booking one vehicle on the track day and selling space for others to experience driving that vehicle throughout the day. Any booker caught doing this will be asked to leave and shall be prohibited from attending future track days.



All track days are offered subject to availability of dates, facilities and, of course, the weather or other events beyond SCL’s control and accordingly SCL cannot guarantee that a particular date or session will not be cancelled due to a Force Majeure Event.  A Force Majeure Event means any act, event, omission or accident beyond the reasonable control of SCL including without limitation pandemic, epidemic, outbreak, , disease, quarantine, public order disturbance, flood, storm, adverse weather condition, natural event, fire, strike, lock-out or other industrial dispute even if not beyond the reasonable control of SCL, nuclear accident, act of God, war, terrorist activity, riot, civil commotion, malicious damage, act of government, compliance with any change to law, statutory guidance, non-statutory guidance, rule, regulation and/or direction, accident, breakdown of plant or machinery, non-performance by suppliers or subcontractors (other than by companies in the same group as SCL) and interruption or failure of utility or service. If SCL is unable to run a track day due to a Force Majeure Event drivers will be able to re-book for a later date. Please call 0344 3728 239 for up to date weather conditions at Silverstone. Drivers must contact SCL on 0344 3728 239 within 7 days of their cancelled date in order to rebook. The track day must be booked and taken within 3 months of the original cancelled date and subject to available dates. An additional charge will be levied for the rebooked track day if the value of the new track day is higher.



Motorsport is dangerous and can involve injury or death. Despite SCL taking all reasonable precautions, accidents can happen. By attending a track day, drivers acknowledge this and confirm that they are aware of the nature of the track day and attend the Venue at their own risk.

SCL may refuse access to, and eject from, the Venue any persons who are acting against the interests of safety and/or whose behaviour is likely to cause damage, nuisance or injury. SCL may also have to conduct security searches at the Venue to ensure the safety of drivers and other persons at the track day.

Neither SCL nor any other members of The British Racing Drivers’ Club Limited group of companies or their representatives are responsible for any loss, damage or injury to persons or property caused or sustained by them as result of attendance at any track day, save for liability for death or personal injury arising from SCL’s negligence or for fraudulent misrepresentation.



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