New for 2022, there are two-tiers of pricing for display packages and two unique booking codes will be issued to each club if its members own cars for both categories. Please contact your club for details of the appropriate code for the age of your car.


The incredible value club packages continue to be offered to encourage attractive displays infield. The introduction of the two-tier pricing model is in response to feedback and enables us to a) encourage older, classic cars to join us and b) prioritise the clubs with the oldest cars among their membership for the central display areas.

The display packages therefore now distinguish between tax exempt and non-tax exempt cars to provide some added incentive to those who are in a position to bring their older, classic cars to the event. Non-tax exempt cars will still be incorporated within the display areas but owners of these cars will just need to select the package for non-tax exempt cars.

It is specifically not the case that the display area will split any club's dedicated display area into two separate areas for tax exempt and non-tax exempt cars. All club members will display together and, as is always the case, we will be determining the allocated display area for each registered club based on attendance numbers once package bookings have come off sale. As ever, we will work to ensure display areas that work for all involved. 

We very much value the contribution that all club members make to The Classic and will continue to work hard to put on the best possible event for your enjoyment. Roll on the summer!


If you don't have a code, please contact your car club.

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