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ARDs Courses

Our ARDs courses are currently being reviewed by our team, check back in the coming weeks for updates on our course structure and availability.

Ready to enter the world of motor racing?

Then you’ll need a National B Competition Licence before you begin.

This essential qualification provided by the sport’s governing body, the Motorsport Association (MSA), is recognized throughout the UK. It includes both academic and practical assessments, ensuring your suitability and helping to maintain safety at circuits around the country.

Silverstone Motorsport Academy is one of the country’s leading Association of Racing Drivers Schools (ARDS). All our instructors are competitive drivers, ideally placing them to provide the knowledge and skills needed for a successful licence application.

The Junior drivers course is a full day mix of classroom theory and practical driving. Advanced courses are a one day programme that allows you the opportunity to gain a signature on your race licence upgrade.


Your ARDs day will include

  • Learn both: Skid + Control (Auto-test & Skid Car)
  • Lectured on track techniques within one of our Classroom facilities on-site
  • In-depth practical one-to-one coaching session in a BMW M2, enabling yourself to learn racing lines & circuit driving techniques
  • End of day: Written & Driving assessments (pass or fail course)



High Speed Passenger Rides

from £45.00

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Caterham Drift Experience

from £119

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Aston Martin Experience

from £189

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