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Let us take the stress away from planning your event with our top tips

If you’re an event planner, you definitely wear your superhero cape to work every day. For the eighth consecutive year, polls across the US have ranked being an event planner as one of the top seven most stressful jobs to do just behind going to war (in the military) and working for the police or fighting fires*.

This April marks the 20th anniversary of national stress awareness month which puts a spotlight on understanding the causes and discussing the cures and mechanisms for coping with stress. At Silverstone International Conference & Exhibition Centre, we meet superhero event planners every day and here’s our top tips to reduce your stress when you hold an event with us.

Come and visit to see what we can do

As an Event planner, you’ll want to imagine the space and a visit is definitely the best way to do this. Time is obviously precious – we know that, so if you can’t find time to visit us, take a look around our virtual tour and see the space available. We’ve also got videos and rooms set-up in all sorts of configurations to help you. Want us to do a video tour whilst you’re on the phone? No problems.

Love the space but where do I start with ideas to fill it?

At Silverstone International Conference & Exhibition Centre, our meeting spaces are blank canvasses which most clients love but can be quite daunting to an Event Planner on where to start building a theme. That’s where we come in. We’ve got partners for theming, partners for team building, partners for AV, lighting and so on. Our partners are carefully vetted and known to deliver, so we’ll put you in touch. Problem solved.

The client wants his brand up lights, tell me how

That’s the other beauty of our blank canvass, there are plenty of branding opportunities. Project your brand onto the building, use the Paddock for outdoor branding, apply banners to our mezzanine levels. However large you want your brand to go, we’ve probably got a place for it and a printer in our book to help you print materials too.

How do I make my event unique?

We totally get it. Companies haven’t really come together over the last couple of years and you want your first event to have impact. At Silverstone we specialise in impact. The flexibility and size of our indoor and outdoor space give you so much opportunity. Our pit garages can give you that unique twist to a team building event, our catering team will work with you to create a menu focussed on wellbeing – if that’s topical for you or an immersive dinner experience. Talk to our sales team about ideas.

Don’t panic. We’re with you all the way…

…and we’ve got enough years under our belt to handle last minute changes with you. At Silverstone you’ll work with a dedicated Event Manager who’ll be reciting your event schedule in their sleep. We’ll be your true partner in crime (think Robin to your Batman) and are used to last minute changes from the client and a totally upended timetable. Breathe, pick-up the phone or open the laptop and let us know. We’ll be there to help you push through those last-minute changes.

The success, kudos and sense of satisfaction in being an Event Manager is what drives us to create unforgettable events and we’ll do what we can to relieve your stress and make sure yours is the best.

**according to