silverstone awarded FIA 3 star

Silverstone Awarded FIA Three-Star Environmental Accreditation


Silverstone has been awarded Three-Star Environmental accreditation by the FIA in recognition of the impressive progress being made on its journey to a net zero future. The FIA Environmental Accreditation Programme is aimed at helping motor sport stakeholders enhance their environmental performance. Three stars is the highest level of accreditation available and reserved for those demonstrating best practice.

Since launching its Shift to Zero strategy in 2022 Silverstone has made considerable progress including introducing, in that short time, a significant solar project with the installation of 2,764 panels on the roof of the Wing which generates over 13% of the venue’s energy. In addition to this, all on site generators, under the control of Silverstone, now run on HVO biofuel, resulting in a 90% reduction of emissions, 50% of its lighting has been switched to LED, with the ambition to have 100% by 2025, and following a switch in energy providers in April 2023, the venue is now fully powered by renewable energy. 

Ahead of the 2023 summer season the circuit also installed 24 solar powered EV charge points so visitors and staff can recharge while on site. From a waste point of view, Silverstone has already reached its target to recycle 35% of the total waste collected on site in 2023 and sent the remainder to a Waste for Energy programme facility that helps to power 50.000 homes in Oxfordshire. 

Stuart Pringle from Silverstone commented “I am delighted the FIA has recognised the progress that we have made at Silverstone as we continue on our Shift to Zero journey. It has been a huge team effort, and my thanks extends not only to our staff but also our partners, suppliers and the fans whose collaboration and participation is fundamental if we want to accelerate change. We will continue to work with all stakeholders to pioneer new and innovative ideas for a more sustainable future for our industry.”

Andrew Fraser, Vice-President of the FIA Environment and Sustainability Commission, said: "Silverstone is one of the historical focal points of racing around the world, and such status is not simply a matter of longevity, but of constantly being at the forefront of the most innovative sport in the world. In recent years, particularly with the launch of its Shift to Zero campaign, we have seen tangible progress across a broad range of sustainability projects at Silverstone, and while there is a long way still to go in terms of reaching our collective targets, the right steps are being taken now to ensure that they will be reached and surpassed in the future. While the British Grand Prix remains the most high-profile event for Silverstone, there are so many other races and projects taking place throughout the year that must all become a part of this drive for greater sustainability."

Ellen Jones, Head of ESG at Formula 1 said “As we continue on the journey to hosting more sustainable events, it’s important that key stakeholders are making progress. It is great to see Silverstone recognised for the work that they have achieved with this latest accreditation. Silverstone's Shift to Zero campaign has seen significant action taken, particularly in powering their events and facilities with renewable energy and we look forward to seeing their continued success."