solar panels

The Silverstone Wing shining a light on renewable energy

Since 2022, the iconic Wing building has undergone significant changes in its infrastructure, changes that have enabled an already awe-inspiring piece of architecture to realise its potential as the renewable energy hub for the sprawling Silverstone site.

During that period, a total of 2,764 solar panels were installed onto the roof of The Wing. Such an ambitious project demands a goal that is equally as grand, and in this case the solar panel project contributes significantly to Silverstone’s net-zero by 2030 pledge.

Post-installation, the panels have soaked up as many illusive British rays as they could, saving 209 tonnes of CO2 in a little over a year and generating over 10 per cent of the venue’s total power.



So, what do those figures mean in the real world? Well, over the course of a month the panels have saved 20,872 kg of CO2 which is the equivalent of 72 trees. Meanwhile in a 24-hour period they can save enough energy to make 101,237 cups of tea, and on average over a month, they generate enough energy to power 199 UK homes.

The newly installed solar panels are an integral part of Silverstone’s much broader renewable energy strategy. Combined with the similarly ‘green’ Escapade project, the solar panels will see these plans realised in the coming months and years.

The figures above are based upon UK Government / OFGEM estimates for average electrical energy consumption in the UK (2017 figures).