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We’re always looking for volunteers

No event at the UK’s only F1 track could happen without the Silverstone race marshals. It’s a massive thrill and the easiest way to get close to the action, whatever the event. We need you to help us arrange everything from the MotoGP to a club-level meeting. From pits and paddock to trackside, marshals play an essential part in any motorsport event. So join up today and meet like-minded people who enjoy motorsport as much as you do. You don’t need any experience – we’ll give you all the training you need. You can read our Introduction Booklet here.

Training forms a critical part of your development as a marshal, both in terms of developing your skills and in enabling you to progress through the grading scheme. During the year there will be a number of training events organised by the Silverstone Marshals Team (and other clubs) to help you develop. These training sessions are a combination of classroom and practical sessions designed to guide you through the basics of marshalling and continue your marshalling career as your skills and experience grow.


To find out more email

See you on the circuit.


Once you have experience and relevant training, the following are just a few of the roles available to you;

01 Incident marshalling – dealing with incidents and safety rapidly.

02 Flag marshalling – communicating risk, hazards, etc, quickly and efficiently to drivers.

03 Assembly/Paddock – ensuring the correct drivers get safely and efficiently out on the circuit to practice/race.

04 Start-line – ensuring the safety of the grid and correct positioning of cars.

05 Plus many others – Rescue, Recovery, Pits, etc. – All of these roles are key to run a safe and efficient race meeting – and covered by volunteer marshals!

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