McLaren 620R

Mclaren 620R Grids Up For Silverstone Drive Experiences

Brake late and deep into Village, roll the nose into the corner, clip the apex kerb then feed the power full on to blast through The Link to Becketts. The only thing bigger than the 620R’s 610 brake horsepower speed will be your grin. 

McLarens’ epic race car for the road, it’s first road-racer, the 620R is the latest to grid up and join our Drive Experience fleet. If you’re expecting creature comforts, you’ll be disappointed, a lean, mean track machine will greet you. 

Taking everything that’s great about it’s GT4 counterpart, the 570S, and honing it into this road legal racing machine, whilst adding an additional 120bhp! That’s all thanks to the 3.8litre, twin-turbo charged V8 under the bonnet, with this 620PS power figure inspiring the name. Phenomenal power, paired with seamless gear changes through the 7-speed paddle shift gear box, mean this supercar great was designed for lap times. 

Once you wrap your mind around the unbelievable performance stats, it’s impossible to escape the painstakingly crafted exterior. The carbon fibre bonnet, front bumper, splitter, and dive planes are all redesigned versions of the GT4 race car. From the bonnet nostrils to the roof scoop and aeroblades every inch has been designed for ultimate downforce and maximum airflow over the car. 

It's nothing short of a mic-drop addition to the Silverstone Drive fleet, completed in our Striking Silverstone livery and joining the grid with the formidable Aston Martin V8 Vantage and Ferrari F430 in our signature Supercar Experience

With coaching from an expert Instructor and a podium topping grid of supercars it’s time to be bold, belt up and leave speed restrictions to the road. 


Phil Ellis 

Chief Instructor - Drive Silverstone


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