Single Seater race cars line up waiting for their drive weekend

Talking Technical – Get Behind the Scenes with our Drive Team

Ever wondered what goes into maintaining our fleet of Drive Silverstone supercars? We head behind the scenes to see what keeps our vehicles firing on all cylinders to ensure our driving experiences are truly podium-topping.

Deep within the circuit, in a nondescript building, you’ll discover our dedicated Drive workshop. Stored here, you’ll find spare engine parts, gearboxes, belts, suspension components, tyres, and pretty much anything else mechanical you can think of, along with, of course, the cars themselves. It’s a room full of supercars and cool kit - something that never gets old!

Working alongside manufacturers and suppliers, our cars are maintained with high quality parts, careful assessments, and work done by our crack-team of mechanics to ensure that our vehicles are fast, fun, and above all - safe. Everything from tyre changes to complete engine teardowns are completed by our team who have been trained to perform essential maintenance on our complex and powerful vehicles.  

Everyone on the team takes their role seriously, especially when they’re dealing with essential engine repairs on a £300,000 McLaren 620R or changing the oil on a 500bhp twin-turbo Aston Martin V8 Vantage.

For our fleet of Single Seater race cars, everything is maintained by our in-house team. Whether it’s a new gearbox, engine, or steering rack, the team are on-hand to ensure our powerful little single seaters are kept in tip-top working order. The team love getting hands-on with these fully mechanical cars as they need plenty of tinkering and tuning to get them performing at their best out on the track.

When the day of an experience rolls around, our cars are filled with fuel, given a tidy up, and sent down to the world-famous International Pits at the Wing or Stowe circuit ready for a weekend of seriously fast track action. All this work goes in to ensure that our cars perform at their best on the day, but if any issues do arise, the mechanics and technicians are ready to act quickly to keep the cars on track and delivering thrilling Silverstone driving experiences.

Our fleet are currently being woken up and prepared for an action-packed 2024. Get behind the wheel at the home of British Motorsport as soon as this March - from £139.


Drive Silverstone Cars in Garage
The fleet of Drive Supercars waiting for their next weekend of track action. These vehicles have already been checked over and given the green light to go, go go…​​​


A shelf full of car parts
The parts room, where you’ll find everything from nuts and bolts to all the bits you’ll need to rebuild the engine on a Ferrari F430.


Single seaters in a garage, next to each other
Drive Silverstone Formula Single Seaters sat ready and waiting to take on the challenge.


Ferrari F430 with its engine bay open. There is no engine inside.
An engineless Ferrari is in for essential maintenance to keep this Italian stallion at the top of its game.


Car tyres sit stacked on shelves
Tyres ready to hit the track. The team check the tread and condition of the tyres after every driving experience day and replace them as necessary.


A mechanic works on a car engine part, cleaning it with a blue rag.
A mechanic prepares individual car parts for the next Drive weekend.


A McLaren 620R in Silverstone livery sits atop stands lifting it off the ground
A McLaren 620R gets its post-weekend inspection from the team, which includes checking the car’s safety and anything that could affect performance.


Supercars sit bumper to bumper inside the workshop, showing how many cars can fit inside
It can get pretty cramped in the workshop with all the cars waiting to head out. You’d better be good at parking to work here!


Two Formula Single seaters sit in the garage. Bodywork parts are visible in the background
These two single seaters have just had parts of their bodywork replaced – see the old panels in the background.