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Silverstone driving experiences: top trumps

Silverstone is best known for hosting some of the biggest events on the British motor racing calendar, such as the F1 British Grand Prix, the MotoGP British Grand Prix and the penultimate round of the British Touring Car Championship. But did you know a huge selection of driving experiences are also available at the circuit? 

Whether you’re into our roaring supercars, ultra-grippy single seaters or even if drifting is more your speed, there’s something for everyone in Silverstone’s driving experiences line-up. Here, we’ll take you through the key information for each of our adrenaline-inducing track weapons.


Formula Single Seater A fast, aerodynamically enhanced, bona fide racing car, the Formula Single Seater is the ultimate choice for those looking to pull some serious Gs. 0-60mph is achieved in just under five seconds and will continue on until you’re nudging 150mph, when exposed to the elements, that’s a potent combination that makes you feel like a real F1 driver. That is only enhanced further by the car’s electrifying handling, responsive manual racing gearbox and the sensation of running mere inches from the ground. Driven around the Stowe Circuit, this is a surreal experience for any motorsport fanatic.

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Silverstone Formula Singe Seaters racing round a corner during a driving experience



Aston Martin VantageThe 4.0-litre, twin-turbocharged V8 behemoth that is the Aston Martin Vantage epitomises Britishness, so what better place to push it to its limits than the home of British motor racing? The Vantage’s low driving position accompanied by its raucous engine note perfectly complements its bonkers performance output. As a result, mastering Britain’s most glamorous car around the International Circuit is an experience you won’t forget in a hurry.

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An Aston Martin Vantage cornering at a Silverstone Driving Experience


McLaren 620RBased on the all-conquering 570S GT4 race car, the McLaren 620R is not only the fastest, but the most track-focused car in the Silverstone line-up. Acceleration that defies belief, coupled with lightweight, aerodynamically honed bodywork and the F1 racing pedigree to back it all up; the 620R is a rather intimidating prospect. Don’t let that scare you though; Silverstone’s expert instructors are on hand to support in the taming of this beast and will have you cornering like a professional in no time. 

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The McLaren 620R on the Hamilton Straight for a Silverstone driving experience


Ferrari F430 CoupeThe allure of the scarlet cars is well documented, both on and off the track, but here you’ll find one of the world’s most iconic supercars – in stunning Silverstone blue no less – awaiting your memorable adventure into the domain of the prancing horse. The roaring engine note is an enthralling experience in isolation, but when accompanied by the fast and flowing corners of Silverstone’s International Circuit, it becomes a petrolhead’s paradise. 

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A Ferrari F430 at Silverstone with the iconic Wing building in the background


Caterham 7Once again, the Caterham may not be as fast in a straight line as its contemporaries, but underestimate this pocket rocket at your peril. Nimble, agile and the most lightweight of all the Silverstone experience cars, the Caterham 7 provides a different kind of thrill; one that compels its driver into drifting, sliding and skidding, but also rewards precise inputs around the challenging drift course. 

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A Caterham 7 in the Silverstone pit lane ready for a driving experience


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