McLaren Experience

Mclaren 620R Grids Up For Silverstone Drive Experiences

What do you get when you take McLaren’s most successful GT4 race car, the 570S GT4, remove all racing restrictions, whack on number plates, and unleash it into the wild?

You’d probably struggle to catch it for a start. McLaren’s 620R, their race car for the road, takes all that’s great about the hugely powerful 570S and dials it up to eleven. More power, more torque, more acceleration - you get the idea. In fact, this monster has 120 more horses to offer than the 570S (if you’re counting).

Drive Silverstone’s latest supercar, introduced to the line-up last year, can now be driven solo in our new McLaren-focused experience for those wanting more time to feel the true power of this British Supercar car on its stomping ground - the track.

Feel the seemingly endless pull as you open the throttle of the 610bhp twin-turbo V8 down Hangar Straight, the carbon ceramic brakes converting that immense energy into heat and noise as you brake late and deep into Stowe, agile steering helping you perfect your cornering as you clip the apex of the challenging right-hander, and the 2.8s 0-60 as you emerge on the other side.

It’s a mind-bending collection of numbers that sounds impressive, but we’ve made sure our crack team of pro instructors gave it their stamp of approval before falling for the marketing babble and placing an order for a fleet. Check out what our chief instructor had to say here.

Away from the specs, which are seriously impressive, you can’t ignore the 620R’s dramatic styling that proudly displays some impressive aero tricks that help cement this car to the ground, allowing you to take corners at speeds you’d previously thought impossible. Thanks to all this work done by the team at McLaren, you might struggle to find time to enjoy the historic Silverstone sights as you shoot past the scenery, focusing all your energy on controlling this monster and perfecting your racing line.

The McLaren 620R, paired with an expert ARDS-qualified pro Silverstone instructor to guide you around one of the UK’s fastest tracks is (in our humble opinion) a match truly made in heaven.

McLaren’s stellar performance at the British Grand Prix makes for a fitting time to launch our latest experience, celebrating the success and racing heritage of this iconic manufacturer. It’s as if the stars all aligned…

Have we tempted you yet? Find out more about the McLaren experience here to get behind the wheel of Drive Silverstone’s fastest, loudest, most dramatic supercar for an eight lap love story in the making.