pomeroy trophy

It’s Good to be Back

The Pomeroy Trophy, held at Silverstone for the first race of the season, draws out some of the most devoted and enthusiastic racers. With its long-standing reputation for capricious weather and biting cold, this event showcases true grit and determination. Join us as we explore the Silverstone National Paddock and discover what it takes to compete in this unique racing competition.Grit. An unwavering determination to endure, regardless of the obstacles or challenges and willingness to face discomfort and setbacks in order to pursue a passion. When it comes to grit, there is no better example than the drivers of the VSCC Pomeroy Trophy.


The first race of the season here at Silverstone, the Pomeroy Trophy is renowned for its varying -sometimes torrential - weather conditions and bitter cold. The Trophy is a truly unique event in the world of vintage car racing, where cars spanning 100 years compete against each other in a series of tests. The tests are designed to measure the performance and handling of the cars. They include acceleration and braking tests, handling tests, and timed laps of the circuit and provide an opportunity for drivers to showcase the abilities of their cars and their own driving skills. The final challenge of the competition is a 40-minute wheel-to-wheel race on track, where the drivers must complete a set number of laps around the full Silverstone Grand Prix Circuit.


The event this year began on a cold and grey day, with the threat of rain looming in the air. As the competitors arrived early to prep their cars, the National Paddock - steeped in racing history -provided the perfect backdrop for the event to unfold. There are no pit crews or trucks with supplies. Instead, the competitors themselves take on the roles of mechanics, team principals, and drivers, working tirelessly to ensure that their cars are in top condition and ready to perform to their best on track. As the day went on, the bitter cold stuck around but the sun came through to keep the track dry and spirits high. At this early stage in the season the spectators are just as dedicated as the drivers braving it all in the cold, but the smiles and cheers from the BRDC grandstand confirmed their delight at watching racing again.


The VSCC Pomeroy Trophy is not just about the vintage cars and the competition, but also about the shared passion and dedication to racing that is present throughout the paddock. This passion and dedication are truly awe-inspiring and, unlike other modern-day racing events where there are intense rivalries between teams, the atmosphere in the paddock is entirely different with a renewed sense of camaraderie and shared love for racing for the year ahead.


Competitors, mechanics, and enthusiasts all come together to celebrate vintage cars and racing, and this is evident in the atmosphere throughout the event. Whether it's the drivers chatting about their latest modifications or the mechanics swapping tips and advice, there is a real sense of community and collaboration that permeates the paddock.

This atmosphere is a real reminder of why people fall in love with racing in the first place, and why vintage car racing in particular continues to hold such a special place in the hearts of enthusiasts around the world. It's a celebration of the sport, the cars, and the people who make it all possible, and there's a real sense that everyone is just happy to be there, enjoying the spectacle of racing at its purest.

It’s good to be back. Don't miss another race, check out our 2023 events.