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F1 2024 calendar

Formula 1 has revealed the World Motor Sport Council-approved F1 2024 calendar for a record-breaking season.

The packed schedule comprises 24 races across five continents and gets underway with March’s season-opener in Bahrain and culminates with the Abu Dhabi finale in December.


F1 2024 calendar 

Date Grand Prix
February 29 – March 2 Bahrain
March 7-9 Saudi Arabia
March 22-24 Australia
April 5-7 Japan
April 19-21 China
May 3-5 Miami
May 17-19 Emilia Romagna
May 24-26 Monaco
June 7-9 Canada
June 21-23 Spain
June 28-30 Austria
July 5-7 United Kingdom
July 19-21 Hungary
July 26-28 Belgium
August 23-25 Netherlands
August 30 – September 1 Italy
September 13-15 Azerbaijan
September 20-22 Singapore
October 18-20 USA
October 25-27 Mexico
November 1-3 Brazil
November 21-23 Las Vegas
November 29 – December 1 Qatar
December 6-8 Abu Dhabi


A record-breaking scheduleF1 boasts a bumper 24-race calendar in 2024 – a record-breaking schedule that will stand as the longest season in the history of the sport.

Such a lengthy schedule demands plenty of downtime for the teams and drivers, ensuring they can continue to fire on all cylinders and extract the maximum from each Grand Prix.

As always, the traditional three-week summer break provides some well-earned respite at the season’s halfway point in August, whilst another three-week gap has been slotted in between Singapore and Austin.


Regionalisation With one eye firmly fixed on sustainability, the F1 2024 calendar has been sympathetically adapted to the environmental implications of visiting multiple geographical regions over a season.

There’s no perfect sustainability solution for a globe-trotting sport such as F1, and there are still contractual constraints as well as climatic variables to consider when organising a 10-month calendar. 

An improved flow for the calendar has been achieved with some date alterations to pivotal races. Japan has been moved to April to sit in between Australia and China, whilst Qatar has been shifted to a back-to-back slot with Abu Dhabi, and Azerbaijan now takes place after the Italian Grand Prix in September. 


Saturday races for the Bahrain Grand Prix and Saudi Arabia Grand PrixThe season-opener in Bahrain and Round 2 in Saudi Arabia will take place on Saturday, March 2 and Saturday, March 7 respectively. This has been done to accommodate Ramadan which starts on March 10 and as there is a requirement to have seven days between events, both venues have agreed to the change.  


The Japanese Grand Prix in April?For many Formula 1 fans, the Japanese Grand Prix has been associated with the latter stages of the season for much of its history.

As far back as the Niki Lauda and James Hunt title decider at Fuji as well as several iconic Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost moments at Suzuka, the race has often been one of the last in the schedule.

The F1 2024 calendar, however, moves the race to April 7. This change circumvents the area’s notoriously heavy rainfall that rears its head later in the year. 


The return of the Chinese Grand PrixSince Formula 1’s 1000th race at the 2019 Chinese Grand Prix, the country hasn’t hosted a race due to the Covid-19 pandemic. On the 2024 F1 calendar, however, the Shanghai International Circuit is once again scheduled to host a race in a slot similar to that it enjoyed in previous years (Sunday, 21 April). 


The British Grand Prix at Silverstone British fans will be happy to see the Silverstone round retain its usual spot on the 2024 F1 calendar (Sunday, July 7), at the end of a triple-header with Spain and Austria.

After the sell-out success of the 2023 event and a popular podium featuring two Brits, the 2024 running of the British Grand Prix is sure to provide amazing action both on and off the track.  

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