F1 fans in the grandstands at the British Grand Prix

The best grandstands to watch F1 at Silverstone

The British Grand Prix is an unrivalled spectacle to watch wherever you are sitting around the circuit, but there are some Silverstone grandstands which are better suited to each spectator’s preferences. Whether it’s the high-speed thrills of Becketts or the overtaking hotspot that is Stowe, there’s a grandstand for everyone at Silverstone. 


Hangar Straight grandstand & enclosure introduced for 2024 Silverstone has introduced an all-new grandstand and enclosure area for the 2024 British Grand Prix. On the inside of Chapel, a high-speed left-hander at the end of the Maggots / Becketts sequence and leading onto the Hangar Straight, the ‘Hangar Enclosure’ will offer a unique trackside perspective and is sure to be a favourite amongst the fans. 


Silverstone Grandstand highlightsHamilton StraightThe start/finish straight is a popular choice with F1 ticket holders. Witnessing ‘lights out’ is a goosebump-inducing moment that is not to be missed, not to mention the chequered flag and potential views of the podium (depending on where you sit).


AbbeyTurn 1 is a pivotal moment of any Grand Prix, so why not catch the initial exchanges as drivers vie for position moments after lights out? Even without its Turn 1 status, Abbey would be a superb choice, this ultra-fast left-right sequence is a real crowd-pleaser. 

Grandstands at Abbey Curve at Silverstone


VillageThe first breaking event of the lap at Village often sees plenty of overtaking. In addition, the pit exit feeds directly into this tight technical corner so there’ll always be something exciting going on at this Silverstone grandstand. 


Luffield With views of the Wellington Straight, Brooklands and Luffield, these grandstands offer some of the most comprehensive sightlines around the circuit. With overtakes often starting on the way into Brooklands and finishing at Copse, a lot of action can be absorbed from this single spot. 

Red Bull F1 cars on the exit of Luffield corner at Silverstone


CopseThe scene of THAT infamous Max Verstappen/Lewis Hamilton clash in 2021, Copse corner is an excellent choice having hosted other notable overtakes through the years. 


Becketts Arguably one of the most impressive sequences of corners in all of motorsport, the Becketts grandstand provides an unparalleled viewpoint of Maggots, Becketts and Chapel that will thrill spectators lap after lap. 

The Becketts corner leading onto the Hangar Straight at Silverstone


Stowe Not only is Stowe at the end of the iconic Hangar Straight, but it is also a supremely high-speed turn that pushes the drivers and cars to their limits. As the favoured overtaking spot for many drivers, this is the place to be if it’s wheel-to-wheel action you’re after.


ClubOne of the most popular Silverstone grandstands is Club Corner and for good reason. Depending on where you’re sitting, this grandstand can offer views of the podium as well as spectacular moments like the iconic ‘through goes Hamilton’ overtake at the 2022 British Grand Prix.

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Club corner at the British Grand Prix


Which grandstands are covered? If you aren’t willing to take your chances with the English weather, then one of Silverstone’s many covered grandstands are the perfect choice. These include Abbey B, Becketts, Club Corner B & C, Copse A, B, C & D, Hamilton Straight A, Luffield, Luffield Corner, Stirling B, Village B, Woodcote A, B & C. National Pits Straight is partially covered.


Discounted Silverstone grandstands for childrenSelected grandstand tickets for children aged 11 and under will be discounted in 2024. The grandstands in question are those at the National Pit Straight, Copse A, B, C, and D as well as Stirling A at the same corner. Adding to the child-friendly activities in this area of the circuit is the LEGO family zone which neighbours the above grandstands. All other grandstands will be full price. 


When do grandstand tickets go on sale?TICKETS: all tickets for the 2024 British Grand Prix are on sale now