Events Code of Conduct

To help protect you, other people and fellow spectators, and to assist our staff and stewards on site, you must comply with the following Code Of Conduct in relation to COVID-19 management while attending The Event at the Venue.

This Code of Conduct is applicable and should be used in addition to the Terms and Conditions of Entry applicable at point of purchase, and the Venue Terms and Conditions applied at the point of attending the Venue. Failure to comply with this Code Of Conduct is considered to be a breach of entry conditions and may make you liable to be asked to leave the Venue without redress. In advance of you attending any event at Silverstone Circuits:

1. Do not attend if you are feeling unwell or experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19 (e.g. a high temperature; a new, continuous cough; a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste) or if you are self-isolating.

2. Carry out your own personal health assessment. Ensure that you are fit and well to attend, considering your own age, health status and clinical vulnerability including your susceptibility (risk) of infection. We recommend conducting a lateral flow test to determine a negative result prior to attending the Event.

3. If you are exempt from wearing a mask please print off and carry the Government exemption card or badge.

4. If you travel to and from the Venue by car you are advised to do so only with members of your own household. Car sharing should be avoided where possible.

5. Allow additional time for your arrival to go through all entry checks (health, identity, tickets, bag search, etc.) Your temperature may be taken on entry.

6. Avoid any unnecessary contact on the way to and from the Venue and always comply fully with the current COVID-19 health advice.

7. If you start to show symptoms when at the Venue please leave immediately and return home without visiting any services or stopping en-route. Please then follow the NHS Covid guidance.

8. Avoid any close contact with others who are not within your social or support group at all times.

9. If you are attending with other members of your social or support bubble, please ensure that they have read, understood and adhere to these guidelines.

10. If allocated a seat in a grandstand, please use only that seat and do not move to another seat or area.

11. You are required to wear a face covering at all times when in a grandstand, toilet or any indoor or enclosed area, unless you are eating or drinking. You are also required to wear a face mask in any area where you are unable to maintain 2m social distancing with anyone outside of your bubble.

12. At all times and in all parts of the Venue please maintain social distancing of at least two metres and avoid close contact with others. These distances are only reduced whilst occupying an allocated seat in a grandstand and in certain general admission areas (if applied).

13. Do not move into or leave an area if it does not appear possible to maintain safe social distancing of at least 2 metres or 1m plus face mask in designated areas

14. Avoid face to face contact and when moving past other spectators, turn your back to pass others.

15. Maintain good hand hygiene. Use the hand sanitisers provided and avoid touching your face or unnecessary surfaces where possible.  Please observe good respiratory etiquette. Always cover your mouth if needing to cough or sneeze.

16. Please follow all safety instructions from stewards, staff, information signage and announcements.

18. Always follow the signs indicating which way to go.

19. Do not stop on or block defined paths and walking routes. Please ensure they are kept clear and moving at all times.

21. Access to areas or facilities may be controlled to avoid over-crowding.

22. Please queue at least two metres apart from others.


24. At the end of the Event day the mass exiting of those attending requires the implementation of a variety of safety measures. This may include certain areas including grandstands or zones being cleared in a controlled manner. You may be asked to wait for a time prior to exiting or leaving an area.

25. Please follow all instructions given by the public address system, signage or by stewards and staff.

26. Spectators will normally be asked to leave by the same route and exit by which they entered.

27. All ticket purchasing details will be kept for the purpose of supporting any required test & trace requirements.

This Code Of Conduct has been implemented for the safety, security and welfare of all those attending.

A separate Code of Conduct will be available in due course for the Formula 1 Pirelli British Grand Prix, The Classic and Monster Energy British Grand MotoGP. 

We hope you enjoy your day. Thank you for looking out for each other